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Best influencer search tools

  1. Hootsuite
    1. Inbeat
    2. Influencer analytics
    3. Hypeauditor


But in the face of this ever-expanding universe, sometimes brands are oversaturated and doubt which influencer will best convey their identity, reach their target or achieve the best engagement rate. For this, there are specific resources you can turn to in order to find the answer.

We have consulted several industry experts, who recommended the 10 best tools to find collaborations with influencers online. But we also collected several other options that may also fit your brand's needs.

In both cases, the order of the lists is alphabetical. If you miss any tool, don't forget to leave it in the comments so we can incorporate it in future updates.

It has a database of more than 300 thousand influencers, brand ambassadors and real-time statistics. From the company's point of view, "we are all influencers" and not only those who have millions of followers help to win over the consumer, so both microinfluencers and ordinary people can be a very important pillar in a marketing strategy.


This marketing technique is one of the newest in the industry, but it is also one of the most powerful and, above all, depending on the sector, the one that gives the best results in the short term. Before going into the subject, we must first understand what influencers are.

There are influencers for all or almost all topics. Most market niches have at least one character that works as a reference subject for the rest of users. Brands are in charge of researching the network and finding these people to offer different collaborations.

The collaborations consist, as the name suggests, in actions that brand and influencer do hand in hand. The brand proposes to the influencer to publicize a product or service adapting to the influencer's own communication style, so that it is as natural as possible and not too intrusive for the user. In this way, the user, far from conceiving it as pure and simple advertising, takes it as an advice from an expert in the sector or from an individual with enough criteria to take it as an example.

Influencer analytics

We help brands drive lasting relationships with their customers by using different technologies and marketing solutions to make it better, faster and more effective.We help brands drive lasting relationships with their customers by using different technologies and marketing solutions to make it better, faster and more effective.OUR SERVICESCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZATIONEstablish strong and lasting business relationships to take your brand to the next level. Get to know your customers better by offering them a premium service, improving the user experience quickly and easily through our new technology platforms. Make your customers discover and find you with just one click.

AUDIENCE INTELIGENCEDo you want to know what your stakeholders think about your brand? Now you can get this information in a very short time with our information gathering platforms (actionable intelligence) and know what your target really thinks. 1 hour dialogues in real time, moderated and anonymous from 10 to 1,000 people using their own device.


We analyze the tone of voice, aesthetics and followers to find the profiles that best communicate your brand and get the best results. We perform an automated analysis of Brand safety so that you do not receive profiles that buy followers or interactions, have worked with your competitors or made posts on sensitive topics.

We recommend related content for each account, achieving more interactions per postWe perform an exhaustive analysis of the historical posts of each profile in search of patterns that allow us to enhance the results of the post to be made.

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