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Influencia y persuasion inteligencia emocional download

At the international level, the Archive served as documentary support for numerous trials against Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan repressors for their participation in the disappearance of people in the framework of Operation Condor.

On the other hand, for hundreds of Paraguayans who suffered repression and detention during the dictatorship, this Archive became a real possibility to document their tragedy. The new legal figure, the habeas data, acquired a concrete utility in the reparation and compensation of these people. The Truth and Justice Commission had in the Archive a very valuable documentary source to contrast the testimonies collected from the victims.

Historical value: The Archive contains almost half a century of hidden history of Paraguay and Latin America. That part of the truth that is not part of the official discourse and that usually never comes to light.

Political value: After the appearance of these archives, the vision of the citizens, and above all of the new generations, changed radically about what stronismo was. Human rights violations could no longer be denied, nor Stroessner remembered as a "good old man" who did not know what his collaborators were doing. The unconscious look that Paraguayans would have had on Stroessner's regime would have been much more benign if the evidence left in the archives had not existed. Paraguayan society, in

Influence and persuasion apk

This book deals with an essential aspect of the human experience: our relationship with those who have left us, with our deceased. Its author, one of the first women to become a rabbi in France, relates with delicacy and wisdom her experiences consoling those who have lost a loved one. In her opinion, her fundamental task is to transform death into a l...

The ten delicate stories in this book portray ordinary people in post-Soviet Russia - doctors, schoolteachers, local politicians, common criminals - whose paths cross, naturally yet unpredictably, in gray but uniquely charming atmospheres. Maxim Osipov draws on his experience as a cardiologist in the modest hospital where he spent his life....

In 1942, Charlotte Delbo was arrested in Paris and imprisoned for belonging to the French Resistance and, in 1943, deported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp along with two hundred and thirty French prisoners, of whom only forty-nine survived. This volume collects the first two books of her highly praised trilogy Auschwitz and After, in which she recounts the...

Influence: the psychology of persuasion summary

The reasons that lead us to give the best of ourselves are different in each person. That is why the great challenge of team management today is to discover what motivates each individual to achieve the objectives, whether they are personal or team objectives.

. The greatest historical example of independence motivation is provided by the first monkey to climb down from a tree, although it is also likely that he was eaten to death. Acting self-reliant, like any other life tactic, has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, Edward Roberts also doubts that these individual advantages of boldness will pay off for the society in which these executives live. The current economic crisis may have been caused in large part by the excessive risks taken by the daring members of the "Me Generation". The drive for independence is not always good for those around us. People who are guided by the independence motivation can function very well in work teams or in society in general when they limit themselves to defending their rights to vital autonomy and understand that freedom implies responsibility; but they run the risk of infringing, consciously or unconsciously, on the independence rights of others.

Influence and Persuasion pdf free

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In the following chapters, I want to address three distinct issues. First, we must understand the power of our thoughts and how they are connected to the way we respond to everything else in life. Second, I strongly desire to show you how to think on purpose instead of having a passive mind. And third, I hope to give you an idea of what to do when you feel you have lost control of thoughts, and how to regain and maintain the right mental position.

On days when people don't seem to regain control of their thoughts, they may feel like, "I feel like I'm losing my mind!". In a way she is, because she can't seem to control the thoughts that are going around in her. But when you feel like you are losing your mind, there are ways to get it back, which I will share with you through this book.

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