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Brand deals for influencers

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  2. How does an influencer promote themselves?
  3. What strategies do influencers use?
  4. What is the name of the application that influencers use?
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Agencia para influencers

Gemma Vallet, experta en branding y community management, abrió el debate mostrando los resultados de la última investigación de su equipo. Del 1 de septiembre al 31 de octubre de 2015, su equipo analizó las distintas estrategias que las marcas de moda están utilizando para mejorar sus ingresos monetarios a través de las redes sociales.

Clara de Nadal, coolhunter de Pimkie, cree que ASOS es la marca de moda con mejor enfoque en redes sociales, ya que desde sus inicios los influencers han jugado un papel clave en su estrategia de comunicación.

Virginia Hernández, de Showroom Priveé, nos habló de diferentes estrategias de engagement, como ofertas exclusivas o regalos. También comentó la importancia del estilo editorial de cada influencer para conseguir determinadas colaboraciones.

Hoy en día lo cierto es que la comunicación está en constante evolución, y tanto las marcas como los usuarios deben mantenerse activos para no quedarse atrás. Es ahí donde agencias como The Rocking House o estudios de investigación como el mostrado ayer en el II BCN Bloggers Meet Up juegan un papel fundamental en el siempre cambiante mundo de la estrategia online.

How does an influencer promote themselves?

Social media influencers use different strategies to promote the brands they advertise. Some rely on simple posts with images of themselves using a product, others promote specific videos, and others share brand-generated content.

What strategies do influencers use?

A characteristic of the influencer is that he/she is able to create a movement for his/her fans to interact with the brand. This translates into more comments, likes, publications, viral content, among others. For example, contests or sweepstakes on social networks. Improve branding or brand image.

What is the name of the application that influencers use?

Among the must-have apps for Spanish influencers are: Unfold, VSCO and Tezza, which are the most recommended. Others like Huji Cam, Snapseed or Touch Retouch, are also among the favorites.

Argentina influencer agency

As an affiliate in the Latin American market, SAGSE is the perfect platform to connect with over 200 exhibitors, including casino operators, software developers, payment providers and affiliates. You will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with affiliate managers from more than 50 international iGaming companies, who offer exclusive CPA and revenue-share offers during this event.

11:10 am - 11:28 am ❖ "Improving Conversion Rate: How to use experimentation tools to optimize your website" How to use experimentation tools to improve the conversion rate (CRO) of your website. CRO is a critical aspect of any website's success, as it focuses on improving the number of visitors who convert into actual customers.

We will explore the different experimentation tools that are available to help you optimize your website, such as VWO, and how to use them effectively to find the best version of your website that drives conversions. How to set goals and key metrics to measure the success of your experiments, and how to analyze the data to make informed decisions on how to improve your website and its conversion rate.

Micro influencers agency

This means that, directly or indirectly, we influence other people's reactions and decisions; therefore, we are influencers! But if you want to become a professional promoter and manage to distinguish your content to collaborate with your favorite brands, here we give you the basic keys to be an influencer.

Undoubtedly this should be the first point to learn how to be an influencer. If you choose an area or subject, you probably won't be able to specialize or be a reference to talk about a specific topic.

Of course, there are influencers who can talk about everything, but this is a limitation, because users are increasingly selective with the content they look for on social networks, because if they subscribe or follow someone they expect to find constant information linked to a topic.

The same happens with influencers on social networks. As we already mentioned, today we can all influence someone's decisions, but it won't be the same for your best friend to recommend a hair cream as for a person with knowledge in hair esthetics or even a dermatologist to recommend a specific product for your needs.

Recruitment of influencers

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