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Importance of credibility

Fullscreen, LLC was a U.S. entertainment company that provided tools, services and consultation to social media content creators and brands. The multichannel network, was owned by Otter Media, now a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Discovery. [1] [2]

Fullscreen also provided channel management and enhancement services for brands and media companies to increase their popularity on social networks. [3][4][5] Fullscreen's clients include NBCUniversal, Fox, Fremantle, JASH, [6] Fine Brothers Entertainment, [7] Mattel, WIGS and more. [8]

In 2014, Fullscreen acquired the companies ScrewAttack and Rooster Teeth. [14] [15] ScrewAttack now operates as a division of Rooster Teeth, continuing its Death Battle and Top10 series. In May 2015, Fullscreen acquired social media creative agency McBeard. [16] [17]

In addition to the talent network, Fullscreen's Video Labs team worked with brands and entertainment companies to help them become more successful on YouTube. In September 2016, Fullscreen subsidiary McBeard acquired Video Labs, rounding out the company's social offerings to include social creative, insights, optimization and distribution for clients. [31]

Credibility examples

The objective of this study is to investigate, in the current media environment, the relationship between the brand value of the media from the consumer's perspective and its credibility, applying the Credible Brand Model to analyze how the audience makes a judgment about the credibility of the media. Data collected through a structured questionnaire on consumer perceptions were analyzed using structural equation modeling. Our results suggest the existence of a positive relationship between media brand equity and media credibility, showing that both image or associations, together with loyalty, exert the strongest influence on media value. Therefore, the credibility of the media implies an improvement of the processes and of the media's own image, as well as the development of new ways of dealing with news and the audience's information needs.


Get to know the first map of donors and calls for social organizations online, open and totally free of charge in the world, developed by Terraética in favor of the democratization of knowledge.

Date of publication Name of the call Who is publishing the call? (Organization issuing the call) What is the objective of the call? (Summary of the call) In which country is it being carried out? (Location of Advocacy) What type of assistance is it? (Types of Intervention) Who is it for? (Recipients of the call) What do I need to participate? (Requirements to Participate) When can I register? (Deadline) Maximum Amount Granted per Project Link for More Information Contact us

Is an independent fund that awards grants to projects by and for young people with progressive ideas around the world about an equitable division of knowledge, wealth, power and a better environment.

It pursues rights-based approaches, gender equality and partnership with the organizations they fund. They seek to support civil society as a pillar of democracy and justice and we encourage innovation and visionary leadership within it.


and metrics analysis, to propose tailor-made solutions. We are specialists in strategic creativity, but what makes us the freshest agency is the power to solve any brief through traditional and digital media.

We are located in Venezuela, but we are also just a click away. We work with mass consumption brands nationally and internationally. In an era where trends can be born or die in hours, we remain as fresh as the first day.

Identifying and analyzing our competitors, together with the review of our consumer insights, helps us to build the strategic context and achieve strategies with a clear focus.

We make sure that the content reaches the right person at the right time. We thoroughly research consumers and develop effective investment plans to devise strategies that ensure effective targeting.

We strategically align your brand with influencers in your market, providing a trusted environment to build loyalty with your followers. We create key partnerships with people who care about promoting your brand message.

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