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Influence of culture on communication

  1. Influence of the media and culture on the development of cultural stereotypes.
    1. Cultural Studies (2)
    2. How media and culture influence the development of the
    3. Literary Communication - The Middle Ages society and culture

Influence of the media and culture on the development of cultural stereotypes.

In general, cultural stereotypes are highly resistant to change and to their own redefinition. Culture often appears fixed to the observer at any point in time because cultural mutations occur incrementally.[3] Cultural change is a long-term process. Policy makers must make a great effort to improve some basic aspects of a society's cultural traits.

In the past, people took pride in wearing traditional clothing from their respective regions. However, at this time it feels very difficult to find unless there are traditional events. The way people dress is influenced by information obtained from various media, such as television and the Internet. At present, the way of dressing in a part of society is heavily influenced by Western culture. Since the way of dressing has become more modern.

Some people adopt a good lifestyle in their lives, such as being a vegetarian, workaholic and others. But there are also many that can also make people who fall into a bad lifestyle not in accordance with the national personality, such as drugs and so on.

Cultural Studies (2)

University of the Valley of Mexico. National Director of Educational Innovation and Research at the Universidad del Valle de México. B.A. in Psychology from UNAM, M.A. in Educational Psychology from UNAM and M.A. in Educational Sciences from Universidad del Valle de México. Member of the Mexican System of Psychology Research (SMIP) and of the National Academic Group for the Integral Reform of Basic Education in Mexico.

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How media and culture influence the development of the

Communication is the exchange of ideas, knowledge, messages and information. Culture and communication are closely interrelated. Culture requires diverse forms of communication to thrive, create, be re-created and shared. At the same time, culture shapes much of the content and forms of communication. Together, culture and communication have the capacity to produce and disseminate a wealth of information, knowledge, ideas and content, contributing to the expansion of people's choices in leading the lives they value, thus creating enabling environments for people-centered development.

Literary Communication - The Middle Ages society and culture

Abstract: This paper is a documentary review where the ideas of several authors are presented about the relationship between culture and communication from the genesis of the process, its historical character and its implication in social life. Its objective is a description of this phenomenon, how it behaves in the current Latin American context and the main tendencies that deal, from the authors' perspectives, with proposals of modification to the cultural policies that prevail in the mentioned context.

Abstract: This Project is a documentary dech when are displayed ideas of different authors about the relation ulture communication since the process genesis, its historical characters and its to get a descriptionof this phenomenon, how it behaves in the current latinamerican context and the main tendences dealt with from the author′ s perspective, proposals of change concerning cultural policy that prevails in the mentioned text.

"Communication is inseparable from culture. It is the other side of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. Culture is communication and communication is culture". (Hall and Hall, 1990).

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