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Marilyn monroe influence on culture

  2. What did Marilyn Monroe contribute to society?
  3. Why was Marilyn Monroe important?
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I recently had a couple of weeks off, the presidential election was forty days away and spring was beginning. Since I wasn't traveling and all my other activities had been put on hold I organized a list of projects that I could complete from home or at my local Starbucks. Carefully choosing only projects that were necessary and/or absolutely possible, I included washing and putting away winter clothes (because innocent, I thought the cold was over), practicing a couple of recipes I had filed in my notebook, finishing some books started in the previous weeks (months), learning to play the ukulele and liberating Palestine.

I had anticipated that I would have little time for dispersion within my tight schedule of free time so I judged it a minor fault to put the TV on the moment I had the first coffee of my first day of vacation, sit down on the couch, put the first book on the list aside, put the ukulele away in its little box, put my feet up in a comfortable little wooden armchair. I had plenty of time ahead of me... and so the days passed.

What did Marilyn Monroe contribute to society?

She was the first woman to create and direct her own film production company, denounced the sexual abuse she experienced during her childhood and exposed the harassment and sexist treatment of women in the entertainment industry.

Why was Marilyn Monroe important?

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model and singer. Famous for playing comedic "dumb blonde" characters, she became one of the most popular sex symbols of the 1950s and early 1960s and was emblematic of the sexual revolution of the era.


But few can compete with the figure of Marilyn Monroe, one of the most prominent (and perhaps most photographed) personalities of the 20th century...and of all time. A star like no other, she inspired all kinds of emotions: "From lust to pity, from envy to remorse". Norma Jeane Mortenson was destined to shine, though she was rarely taken seriously.

The biggest myth is that Marilyn was dumb. The second is that she was fragile. The third is that she couldn't act. She was far from dumb, though she had no formal education, and was very sensitive about it. But in truth she was very smart... and very strong. She had to be both to beat the Hollywood studio system in the 1950s.

Marilyn used those months to learn acting, singing and dancing, always attentive to the behind-the-scenes processes. Soon her contract was renewed and she had her first roles, but her teachers still considered her too shy and insecure to shine in Hollywood. Her first professional steps were divided between film, modeling and behind-the-scenes work as a dancer. She also hobnobbed with producers, gossip columnists and executives to broaden her work possibilities, a practice that led her to Columbia Pictures, where in 1948 she landed her first leading role: Ladies of the Chorus.

Los momentos más icónicos de la moda de 2022 - Periodismo de Moda

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Marilyn monroe influence on culture 2021

The most desired blonde in the world. The great Hollywood star. The woman with the lush silhouette, the ravishing attitude, the perfect smile and unparalleled beauty, Marilyn, had behind the flashes Norma Jean, the real woman, a fighter who knew how to leave behind a difficult childhood and become a successful woman.

Marilyn was trapped in the role of the sexy woman she didn't really want. She saw herself as a career woman and talented actress. Because her salary was lower than other actors and she was not given freedom to choose her projects, she stood up to 20th Century Fox by refusing to shoot The girl in pink tights with Frank Sinatra and created her own studio, Marilyn Monroe Productions, which was unusual for a woman in 1950. She took on the Hollywood moguls, powerful and domineering men. She gave them an arm wrestle and in the end she won. Shortly before she died she signed a new and very favorable contract with 20th Century Fox.

Reading was one of his passions. Her acting teacher, Natasha Lytess, said that "if you went to her house on the spur of the moment, you would always find her studying." She had a large library with over 400 literary works. Among her favorites were Joyce, Walt Whitman, Dostoevsky, Poe, Proust, Flaubert....

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