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Synonyms of influence in english

  1. Influencing in English
    1. Provide english
    2. Influence verb
    3. Definición de influencia

Influencing in English

We are back again to write in this blog that deals with so many things to learn English .... (take a look at the multitude of articles we have to make it easier to learn English at home and online.

This time we bring you a lot of English lexicon, in fact more than 100 English words to improve your current vocabulary. It is about those words and some expressions, which we use every day, but we do not always remember how to say them in English.

Remember that lexical variety is the key to achieve a good level of English and we assure you that knowing some terms from the list of more than 100 English words to improve your vocabulary will help you to face any official English exam.

Provide english

on sb/sthinfluencia sobre alguien/algohe had a great influence on the outcometuvo gran influencia sobre el resultadohe had a great influence on the outcomeinfluyó mucho en el resultadoto be under the influence of sb/sthestar bajo la influencia de alguien/algohe was already under the influence

upon sthhe classics had an important influence on his worksthe influence of the stars on human life

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Influence verb

In the 15th century, Portuguese maritime expeditions led to the introduction of foreign words from many of the Asian languages. For example, catana from Japanese katana and tea from Chinese té.[2][3][4

From the 16th to the 19th century, because of Portugal's role as an intermediary in the Atlantic slave trade, and the establishment of large Portuguese colonies in Angola, Mozambique and Brazil, Portuguese was influenced by several African and Amerindian languages, especially for the names of most of the animals and plants found in those territories. Although these names are mainly used in the ex-colonies, many became used in European Portuguese as well. From kimbundu, for example, came cafuné from kifumate, caçula from kusula, marimbondo and bungular from kubungula.[2][3][4] From kimbundu, for instance, came cafuné from kifumate, caçula from kusula, marimbondo and bungular from kubungula.

Definición de influencia

Spanish Language Stack Exchange es un sitio de preguntas y respuestas para lingüistas, profesores, estudiantes y entusiastas de la lengua española en general que deseen discutir los puntos más delicados del idioma. Sólo se tarda un minuto en registrarse.

El inglés tiene palabras diferentes para simio y mono. Curiosamente, la mayoría de las lenguas europeas no las tienen, lo cual es sorprendente si se tiene en cuenta que los biólogos le dan mucha importancia a esta distinción. Sin duda, las respuestas mencionarán otras lenguas que hacen la distinción.

Los términos mono y simio son sinónimos, pero en la zoología suele hacerse una distinción entre ambos, debido a una influencia del idioma inglés, en el que los términos equivalentes monkey y ape tienen diferentes significados.

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