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Factors that influence globalization

  1. Consumerism in globalization
  2. What are the factors of economic globalization?
  3. What is the main objective of globalization?
    1. Globalization and economic inequality
    2. Globalization and inequality wikipedia
    3. Desigualdades de la globalización ejemplos

Consumerism in globalization

Although Colombia's interest in strengthening ties with China has been evident in recent governments, the lack of a State policy and strategy, as well as diplomatic weakness, has meant that substantial results have not been achieved. There are shortcomings in the political management that have had repercussions on the lack of dynamism of the links and have an impact on the economic level.

For the development of the research, we adopted theoretical postulates on the relationship between domestic and foreign policy, which explain how domestic phenomena influence the positions that States adopt in their relations with other countries. This vision allows us to establish how Colombia's internal processes, institutional characterization, and the appointment of leaders, among other aspects, have influenced ties with China.

Due to the nature of the study, a qualitative methodology is used, which includes the review of bibliographic and journalistic material, the consultation of official documents and the development of interviews with researchers of the Colombian-Chinese relationship. Statistical data, fundamental to support the objectives of this work, are also collected and cases of countries such as Brazil and Chile are cited, which constitute a reference to know how far Colombia is in its relationship with the Asian giant and what are the steps that still need to be taken.

What are the factors of economic globalization?

The process of economic globalization is characterized by the following factors: It facilitates the commercialization of products among the different countries of the planet. It increases the consumption of goods and services. It promotes specialization.

What is the main objective of globalization?

Globalization is thus a process by which national economies are progressively integrated into the international economy, so that their evolution depends more and more on international markets and less and less on government economic policies.

Globalization and economic inequality

As medical knowledge crosses cultures and borders, brought into contact by trade, conquest, colonialism or religious proselytizing, it has a history of cross-fertilization, reciprocal borrowing and exchange in the fields of theory and therapy. The history of Middle Eastern and Asian scholarly traditions gives a good account of the transfer of knowledge and the transformation of mutually influencing forms of therapeutic knowledge. The dynamism of healing traditions appeared rather late, but has fed numerous publications documenting the reworking of knowledge and therapeutic practices. This thematic dossier contributes to this by focusing on contemporary transnational exchanges and reconstructions occurring in Asian medicines, which are now also established in Western health systems. Globalization provokes encounters between medicines and with new categories of patients, reconfiguring medicinal traditions. Professionals, caught up in these dynamics of globalization and therapeutic particularization, are an integral part of these assemblages that complexify the global and the networks of socio-material influences. If global logics are incarnated in the world of health, they do so in a singular way each time and always anchored in local and diversified processes.

Globalization and inequality wikipedia

a) The authors retain copyright and grant the journal the right to be the first publication of their collaboration under the criteria the Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License corresponding to the Creative Commons License, which allows others to share the article with an acknowledgement of authorship and its initial publication in this journal, without commercial purposes.El Periplo Sustentable by Universidad Autónoma del Estado México is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Atalay, M., Anafarta, N. & Sarvan, F. (2015). The Relationship between Innovation and Firm Performance: An Empirical Evidence from Turkish Automotive Supplier Industry. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, (75), 226-235. doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2013.04.026.

Desigualdades de la globalización ejemplos

Este documento se centra en cuatro sectores en los que el análisis sociocultural es especialmente crítico para abordar los problemas de la reducción de la pobreza y la exclusión. En el caso de los grandes proyectos de infraestructura...

Este documento ofrece una breve visión general de los vínculos entre los principales factores que impulsan la extracción de oro, cómo éstos interactúan con la geología regional para concentrar los impactos en cuencas fluviales específicas, y...

Este documento ofrece una descripción general de las características de los ríos centroamericanos y de los servicios de los ecosistemas de agua dulce conexos, analiza las tendencias del desarrollo de...

La expansión del análisis de proyectos para incorporar los efectos medioambientales de un proyecto es un descendiente directo del desarrollo del análisis de proyectos. El tradicional Análisis Coste-Beneficio (ACB) de proyectos...

El Grupo de Medio Ambiente y Salvaguardias (ESG) del BID ha examinado cómo los posibles riesgos ambientales y sociales de las principales inversiones de mejora de carreteras apoyadas por el Banco en...

  Factors that influence demand and supply
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