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Mega influencer

If you want to improve your channel's SEO and get views on your videos, keep reading this post - we've gathered everything you need to know to use tags for YouTube in the best possible way!

The platform selects each of these suggestions once its algorithm crawls and analyzes tags to identify whether or not the content is relevant to the user, according to the video they are consuming.

Worse than not using tags in YouTube videos, is using random terms, without any relation to the content. Besides not leading to the expected results, this practice can harm your SEO strategy.

Remember that these terms help the platform to identify the subject of the content. And the more different tags you use, the more difficult it will be for the algorithm to understand what the video is about.

YouTube's algorithm does not analyze these factors, interpreting accented or unaccented words in the same way. Also, think that people won't see the tags, so you don't have to worry about it.


So... What about entrepreneurs who have not yet tested their business model? Do you have a novel business idea and want to know if it will not fail when you put it on the market? Do you want to start an innovative business and do not know where to start building your company?

In this video I explain in detail how to use the lean canvas, how it resembles and how it differs from Osterwalder's BMC and I also explain in detail the example you can see below.

Startups operate in conditions of EXTREME uncertainty!!!! that's where the Lean Startup methodology really makes sense and that's why this business model canvas for entrepreneurs is born.

In this case the Lean Canvas has a more practical division for those who are looking for an innovative and viable business model. The right side still reflects the environment (market) but the left side helps you to reflect on your product/service.

You can work on your Lean Canvas individually. I advise you to do it in a group (3 or 4 people). If you are part of an entrepreneurial team you MUST ALL reflect on your business model.

Mexican microinfluencers

It's not just Mexico's capital city. The entire country, located between the United States and Central America, stands as an entrepreneurial enclave within Latin America, to the point that "entrepreneurs from Central and South America very often have to demonstrate that their business model is scalable in Mexico in order to receive investment, even in second rounds," says Juana Ramirez, president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico, who gives the example of the startups Cornershop and Rappi. In fact, its proximity to the North American giant and Silicon Valley are other factors that explain the entrepreneurial growth of this country.

The low penetration of banking penetration and the unsophisticated supply of consumer credit are two other reasons indicated by the study of the fintech market in Mexico by the Foreign Trade Institute (ICEX) to justify this phenomenon.

"Financial inclusion is one of the great challenges in Mexico, whether in business-to-business or business-to-consumer segments," explains Gerry Giacomán, co-founder and CEO of Clara, a startup that provides a corporate expense management solution for companies in Latin America, eliminating bureaucratic processes. "That is why those of us who offer financial services have received important rounds of investment, because we serve a market that was largely untapped with a high demand," he justifies.

Microinfluencers colombia

How is influencer marketing just the beginning of this space? Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses a lot of help through sponsorships and products mentioned by influencers. These people have dedicated social followings and are considered experts in their particular area or niche. This type of marketing works because people trust the social influencers they follow. And recommendations from these influencers will function as social proof that companies can target their potential customers. Social media has started to gain momentum recently, especially in the post-pandemic era. While sitting at home, people were more glued to their screens and realized they were missing out on a lot. That's why so many people have joined social networks, or have re-activated their long-lost accounts and gotten back into the swing of social networking platforms.

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