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How to win friends and gain influence

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How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the first self-help best-sellers ever published. Written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1936, it has sold 15 million copies worldwide.[1] It is a classic book about human relationships.

It is a classic book on human relationships. Dale Carnegie applied his deep knowledge of psychology and human behavior, as well as his extensive professional experience in psychology, marketing, and leadership, to this book.[2] It is a classic book about human relationships.

Leon Shimkin of the advertising firm Simon & Schuster took one of Carnegie's 14-week courses in 1934. Shimkin convinced Carnegie to let a stenographer take notes from his course in preparation for a publication.

This chapter was included in the original 1936 edition but omitted in the 1981 edition. In this chapter, the shortest in the book, Carnegie discusses two letters and describes how to appeal to someone's vanity with the phrase "do me a favor" as opposed to asking directly for something that does not offer the same feeling of importance to the person in question.

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Imagine you have the ability to direct or change people's thoughts. Can you feel the power this would give you? Would you like to have this power and achieve all your goals? If you want your colleagues, bosses, partner, children, potential clients or anyone else to say "yes" to what you want, I will only say three words: Listen to this audiobook!

Forbidden Persuasion, Manipulation, and Influence Techniques Using Language Patterns and NLP Techniques (2nd Edition) [Forbidden Persuasion, Manipulation, and Influence Techniques Using Language Patterns and NLP Techniques (2nd Edition)].

How often do we ask ourselves, what is behind all those advertising and political messages? What are the threads that move the masses to buy something excessively expensive or to fight wars that seem illogical and cruel? The laws presented in this audio book are a valuable sum of the practical and scientific knowledge that human beings use to dominate others through persuasion in all aspects of life.

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SEIS FORMAS DE CAERLE BIEN A LA GENTEPRINCIPIO 1: Interésate de verdad por los demás. PRINCIPIO 2: SonríePRINCIPIO 3: Recuerda que el nombre de una persona es para ella el sonido más dulce e importante de cualquier idioma. PRINCIPIO 4: Sé un buen oyente. Anima a los demás a hablar de sí mismos. PRINCIPIO 5: Hable en términos de los intereses de la otra persona. PRINCIPIO 6: Haga que la otra persona se sienta importante, y hágalo sinceramente. 110

No puedes ganar una discusión¿Por qué no le dejas salvar la cara? No te ha pedido tu opinión. No la quiere. ¿Por qué discutir con él? Evita siempre el ángulo agudo. ¡No olvides esta lección! He llegado a la conclusión de que sólo hay una manera bajo el cielo de sacar lo mejor de una discusión, y es evitarla. No puedes ganar una discusión. No puedes porque si la pierdes, la pierdes; y si la ganas, la pierdes. ¿Por qué? Bien, supongamos que triunfas sobre el otro hombre y le llenas el argumento de agujeros y demuestras que no está compuesto mentalmente. ¿Y entonces qué? Te sentirás bien. Pero, ¿y él? Le has hecho sentirse inferior. Has herido su orgullo. Siempre resentirá tu triunfo y "un hombre convencido contra su voluntad sigue siendo de la misma opinión..." 112

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