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How to measure influencers impact

  1. Examples of interested parties
    1. They have direct contact with the problems and the people interested in solving them.
    2. What would be the disadvantages of managing stakeholder relationships?
    3. Stakeholder analysis of a company

Examples of interested parties

Get to know the world's first online, open and totally free map of donors and calls for social organizations, developed by Terraética in favor of the democratization of knowledge.

Date of publication Name of the call Who is publishing the call? (Organization issuing the call) What is the objective of the call? (Summary of the call) In which country is it being carried out? (Location of Advocacy) What type of support is it? (Types of Intervention) Who is it for? (Recipients of the call) What do I need to participate? (Requirements to Participate) When can I register? (Deadline) Maximum Amount Granted per Project Link for More Information Contact us

Is an independent fund that awards grants to projects by and for young people with progressive ideas around the world about an equitable division of knowledge, wealth, power and a better environment.

It pursues rights-based approaches, gender equality and partnership with the organizations they fund. They seek to support civil society as a pillar of democracy and justice and we encourage innovation and visionary leadership within it.

  Difference between influence and impact

They have direct contact with the problems and the people interested in solving them.

Carmen M. Reinhart is the former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank Group. She assumed her position on June 15, 2020, and as such provided the institution with intellectual leadership at a time of unprecedented crisis. He was also in charge of the Bank's Development Economics Department.

Reinhart's areas of expertise are international finance and macroeconomics. His work has contributed to the understanding of financial crises in both advanced economies and emerging markets. She has published extensively on capital flows, exchange rate policy, banking and sovereign debt crises, and contagion.

Considered one of the world's leading economists based on academic publications and citations, Reinhart has been listed among the 50 most influential people in finance (Bloomberg Markets), among the world's top 100 thinkers (Foreign Policy), and among the most influential scientific minds on the planet (Thompson Reuters). In 2018, he received the King Juan Carlos Economics Award and the Adam Smith Award from the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), among others. His book entitled This Time It's Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly (co-authored with Kenneth S. Rogoff), has been translated into more than 20 languages and won the Paul A. Samuelson Prize. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

  Difference between influence and impact

What would be the disadvantages of managing stakeholder relationships?

Stakeholder Mapping is a technique that seeks to identify the key actors in a system and to analyze their interests, importance and influence on the results of an intervention.

This technique makes it possible to know in advance with whom you can count on to support the initiative you are promoting and with whom you cannot, so that you can define specific strategies that will help you guarantee the best and greatest support for your proposal.

It is also a tool that helps to understand the social, economic and political context in which the program in question is inserted and therefore allows to establish priorities and analyze trends.

1. First of all, it is essential to delimit the object of our map, i.e. on which program or intervention we will carry out the subsequent list of actors involved so that the mapping includes only the actors involved in that issue and does not extend to other areas of the organization and its allies.

  Difference between influence and impact

2. Then the process of identifying and characterizing the social actors begins. By brainstorming and reviewing the information they have collected, together they should draw up as complete a list as possible of all the people, groups and organizations that may meet any of the following characteristics:

Stakeholder analysis of a company

Even if the price of a product goes up and there are cheaper alternatives on the market, the consumer still opts for products of the same brand. The reason for preferring one airline over another or drinking coffee at the same old coffee shop may be this: the company's values are shared. These values are based on the mission and vision statement.

If you want to present your company internally and externally successfully, you need a good communication strategy. Whether with business partners, customers, the media, employees or shareholders, well-thought-out corporate communication guarantees you success in terms of the image you project.

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