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Best fashion influencers on instagram

  1. Influencer natalia
  2. Who is Nati sal?
  3. How old is Natalia sal?
  4. Who is Tita Nati?
    1. Nati saal what happened to her
    2. Nati saal boyfriend
    3. The live influencer

Influencer natalia

La reina de las influencers se codea con la jet set neoyorquina y no se pierde una. La gala de Business of Fashion 500 o la fiesta de Harper's Bazaar han sido testigos de ello. Pero también se pasea por Nueva York con sus mejores looks, eso que no decaiga.

Parece ser la cita obligada para todas las profesionales del sector y solo unas pocas, como Sara Escudero de Collage Vintage o Jessica Stein de Tuula Vintage han sido bajas de esta gran reunión fashion.

Ver corazones El muro de en NYC ya está aquí Encuéntralo en el 102 de Ludlow Street en el Lower East Side. Captura tu he(art) y etiquétalos httpliketk.it2sEkk #liketkit

Pretty in Plaid On my way to Cotton's 60 Second Fashion Show En sólo dos días podrás comprar los looks de @Bloomingdales directamente desde un vídeo interactivo de la pasarela. Visita en la 97 para ver y comprar @DiscoverCotton #ShopCotton #sponsored

color pop con un montón de comprobar esta mirada sensación retro ahora en el blog httpliketk.it2sBGJ #liketkit PS He estado un poco ausente esta semana pasada debido a un movimiento de última hora espero que todo el mundo tenía un relajante fin de semana largo

Who is Nati sal?

She is an apparel designer, entrepreneur, blogger, creative, photographer and model.

How old is Natalia sal?

Nati Saal, born in Argentina on June 11, 1986, is a fashion blogger, entrepreneur, designer, photographer, model and thanks to her professionalism she has managed to become a star of social networks.

Who is Tita Nati?

Natalia Beciu is an entrepreneur, businesswoman and also one of Barcelona's best-known public relations professionals. The Catalan has managed to gain the trust of such well-known faces as Neymar Jr., Dulceida or Maxi Iglesias, whom she receives and helps every time they travel to Barcelona.

Nati saal what happened to her

Kirstie must surely be the most stylish law student in all of Canada (and beyond). A fan of The Beatles and cats, this retro-cutie has recently opened a YouTube channel with tutorials, as an extension to her fabulous Instagram account.

Chinese-Indonesian-Australian, this is how this stylish girl describes her roots, who also happens to be a molecular biologist, blogger, and someone with excellent luck when it comes to finding vintage pieces in used clothing stores.

Magdalena Regina is a model with beautiful eyebrows and amazing poise who calls herself a "vintage fashionista", a characteristic that, along with her passion for art, are evident in each of her Instagram photos.

This pretty redhead was brought to us straight from 1940 and given a phone with an Instagram account. Her passions include the era during World War II, art and nature.

Rachel Frances will make you believe she survived, intact and better than ever, 1950, as her style is full of the glamour of Hollywood at its best. Bonus points for her perfect hair and commanding sensuality.

Nati saal boyfriend

As social media has progressed, it has led to an inauthentic representation of life online. Filter photos, meticulously crafted captions and the constant need to impress have left many longing to encounter something more "real" in the digital world.There is a growing desire for sincere connections and less staged experiences on social media, especially on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. Overly staged posts can make some users feel inferior compared to others and foster an environment where self-worth is directly tied to "likes" and followers.

Why people got tired of perfect photosInstagram and other photo-centric social networks have fostered a false representation of reality. On Instagram, everyone seems to live an idyllic existence filled with extravagant vacations, delicious meals and beautifully decorated homes. Many feel inadequate after continually seeing images depicting idealized lives, leading them to develop a fear of missing out.To counter this "Instagram effect," new social apps focused on authenticity and vulnerability have emerged. So-called "Anti-Instagram" apps allow users to express themselves more honestly without worrying about "likes." These new social platforms satisfy

The live influencer

Barcelona is one of the major centers of this trend. The city of Barcelona has some of the best influencers in the whole country and here you have a list where you can check it out and get to know them better.

Alba's story on Instagram is quite unique. She went from anonymity in social networks to become one of the best known influencers thanks to her relationship with Dulceida. Although many people believe that all the success has been given to her by her partner, the truth is that her personality has conquered brands and for some time now she has been doing her own collaborations that have nothing to do with those of her wife. She is considered a reference for those women with a more tomboy style.

The all-rounder influencer. She studied Hairdressing and Aesthetics and was a sports instructor, in 2010 she made the leap to the networks starting with Youtube, where she posted videos of hairdressing tips and fitness routines. Today she has up to 5 platforms where she shares content. The best known are Secretos de Chicas and GymVirtual.

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