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Contract for instagram influencers

  1. Advertising contract with an influencer
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Advertising contract with an influencer

The reality is that our Civil Code never defines what a contract is, but it does describe it in article 1254. Thanks to this, we can define a contract as an agreement, usually written, by which two or more parties agree to comply with a series of conditions.

Thus, when one provides a service, for example promoting someone's products in exchange for money, one is entering into a contract. This practice is usually carried out by the so-called influencers, i.e. those people with the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending articles or items on social networks.

In other words, among the results obtained, we discovered that more than 60% of the influencers surveyed do not sign contracts with advertisers when it comes to sponsoring their products. The remaining percentage, despite signing contracts, state that they have difficulty understanding the clauses.

- Remuneration: the amount to be paid for the service and its payment conditions, including the Advertiser paying the Influencer in specific products or services, or even a mixed payment (money and products).

Model influencer contract

Another important aspect that should be contemplated in the influencer contract is the definition of the content created. Anything created by the influencer for the campaign or collaboration will be owned by the influencer, as it will be subject to copyright. But you can include a clause authorizing the client to reuse the content created, for which the media (social networks, website, YouTube channel, etc.) should be indicated.

If an influencer promotes one day the product of a specific brand and the next day the product of its competitor, this will undoubtedly detract from the credibility of both companies, so it is highly recommended to include an exclusivity clause in the contract, whereby the influencer cannot work for the competitor for a certain period of time.

That time must be limited, i.e., the exclusivity cl√°clause specifies√° the time limit itself, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. Longer terms could be considered abusive, especially considering that during that time the influencer will not be able to work with other clients that may be in competition with his current client.

Contract for influencer mexico

Although before starting to collaborate with influencers, something that requires a minimum investment, we must be very clear about the objective of such collaborations and we also have to be very clear about who we are and what we do.

Before Space Media, collaborations had to be closed directly by talking to the influencer or their manager, either via DM (private message on Instagram) or email, either with the influencer themselves or with a manager.

If you are only interested in micro influencers of 10,000 followers or more, this is where you can filter. On the other hand, if you are looking for larger influencers, you should filter with a minimum of 100,000 followers.

Here you can check when influencers reply to you. Here the influencers set a starting price to start collaborating. If you are happy with this, you can accept. In case you don't agree you have up to 3 price negotiations, where you can lower the price and wait for the influencer to reply and accept the price you have requested. The influencer can reject that request and make a request to you, and so on up to 3 times for each one.

Onlyfans contract template

So, before you start looking for influencers, think about the channels you want to use. Analyze the channels you use to share content and engage new contacts. And, from here, go one step further. Think about where your regular customer spends time and find out what kind of media they consume. This picture could be very different from the content strategy you're following now. Be prepared to explore new media such as podcasts and streaming.

The Influencer Marketing Cloud by InfluencerDB, for example, provides its users with engagement statistics, comparative rankings and a summary of the type of content published by each influencer. The lists are organized by sector, language and location. SocialBakers offers a similar service, and both are free.

If you opt for an agency, try to compare their figures with direct information from social networks, or at least get a second opinion. Apps like Later, available from $9 per month, offer Instagram analytics with follower demographics and click-through figures.

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