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How to contact influencers on instagram

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Influencer agency

When Instagram had not yet launched its advertising platform, influencers began to build their audiences by posting about their friends, family and daily life and this made the audience feel very close to them.

As users were able to comment on their posts and, in many cases, get a response, this type of marketing was strongly promoted and brands began to recognize that the influence of these social leaders was greater than that of celebrities.

Micro-influencers are social media users who specialize in a niche market or specific area, share content on their social profiles about their interests and publish sponsored posts when associated with brands.

Brands and marketers focus on the interactions between influencers and their audiences, and this is measured by engagement, i.e. the likes, comments and full trust those who follow you have in the influencers they are following.

What to tell an influencer?

Sample message to contact influencers

Hello (person's name), how are you doing? My name is (put your name) and I am the marketing manager of (a brand in the sector... or name of the brand). We have seen your profile and we really like it (include reason why you like the profile).

How to send a message to an influencer?

Make sure the message you send is personalized and has a specific reference to what you like about the influencer and their content. You also need to make sure your pitch includes accurate data about your campaign and clearly explains who you are, what you do and what your brand values are.

Hire influencers mexico

It is advisable to pay special attention to the origin of the followers of the influencer you are going to choose for your influencer marketing strategy. In some cases we find influencers that despite being from a certain country, have a larger number of followers from other countries that are not necessarily relevant to your company.

Before you start planning the steps of your influencer strategy you must know specifically what you expect to achieve with it. Knowing your objectives and expected results will not only help you choose the steps to follow, it will also let you know if the strategy worked or not.

We know that if you put these tips into practice you will succeed in your influencer strategy, but you are probably asking yourself: "How do I find influencers or micro influencers?

If you got this far, it is because you are really interested in knowing how to apply an Influencer strategy. We hope we have provided you with valuable information so that you can do it or take the first steps.

Colaboración de marca en Instagram

El gran crecimiento de las Redes Sociales como herramienta de comunicación ha llevado el "boca a boca" del marketing relacional moderno a una nueva fase, en la que algunos usuarios influyen enormemente en las decisiones de otros. Son los influencers. Con ellos nace el marketing de influencers.

Un influencer, influenciador o "embajador de marca" tiene la capacidad de motivar e inspirar a través de sus perfiles sociales, de convencer a sus seguidores para que lleven a cabo una determinada acción; además, ayuda a construir una relación de confianza entre los seguidores y una marca, una relación que generará credibilidad para tus productos o servicios.

En Top Position podemos ayudarte a concebir, desarrollar y aplicar una estrategia de marketing de influencers ganadora para tu negocio, gestionando tu campaña con los influencers que más te aporten para conseguir tus objetivos, ya sean de lanzamiento o refuerzo de marca, conversión, promociones, etc.

How to contact an influencer

Influencer Marketing is the possibility of promoting your business proposals through prominent personalities on Social Networks. This technique is brilliant and effective for a very simple reason:

Several studies have shown it to be so. Consequently, it is a highly effective method to publicize your business, your products or even the "personality" of your brand, taking advantage of the popularity of certain users of Social Networks, which you can hire for this purpose.

In response, we can draw the difference between the two scales within Influencer Marketing: while big brands like Coca Cola use Mega Influencers (e.g. a Hollywood celebrity), local businesses (e.g. a restaurant in your city) use Micro Influencers.

So, if for example you have a clothing store or any local business, you can identify a Micro Influencer related to your industry (e.g. a fashion blogger in your city) and hire them to promote your products through blog posts, demos, photos, videos and other specially generated content.

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