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How to start an instagram influencer account

  1. Instagram business account erstellen
    1. How to make money on instagram with reels
    2. How to make money on instagram without being an influencer.
    3. Create instagram account

Instagram business account erstellen

Branded content with influencers: one of the best ways to build a brand is branded content with influencers. The main purpose is to generate high quality content to interact with our audience and achieve a greater impact with respect to other marketing strategies. Even so, behind these strategies there is much more work and decisions than we can imagine at first.

Digital transformation is a key factor when planning influencer strategies. 90% of companies already consider that they are immersed in a digital transformation process, even that they have already overcome it and are fully prepared.

This entails an obvious advantage when it comes to creating content in the digital ecosystem, since mastering it and understanding its strengths and weaknesses allows us to improve our image in the eyes of the influencers who will collaborate with our brand and for the audience to whom our message will be addressed.

How to make money on instagram with reels

There are more than 4.5 billion users on social networks in the world (56% of the world's population, which is soon to say), and 50 million of them have managed to accumulate enough users to be considered influencers.

Influencers have influence over their audience's purchasing decision. It goes like this. When a creator collaborates with a brand and tells their audience about it, they are sharing some of their influence with the brand in question.

Engagement rate has a huge impact on reach. The higher it is, the more often sponsored posts will appear to an influencer's followers. This gives them a higher potential reach and therefore the cost per impression and engagement is much lower.

In most cases, you won't find competing content on a nano or micro-influencer's Instagram account. Most likely, your promoted post will be the first ad on their account.

On the other hand, nano and micro-influencers can be a great source of ambassadors for your brand. The group of nano and micro-influencers is growing faster than other groups of creators.

How to make money on instagram without being an influencer.

This makes us, directly or indirectly, influence the reactions and decisions of other people; therefore, we are influencers! But if you want to become a professional promoter and manage to distinguish your content to collaborate with your favorite brands, here we give you the basic keys to be an influencer.

Undoubtedly this should be the first point to learn how to be an influencer. If you choose an area or subject, you probably won't be able to specialize or be a reference to talk about a specific topic.

Of course, there are influencers who can talk about everything, but this is a limitation, because users are increasingly selective with the content they look for on social networks, because if they subscribe or follow someone they expect to find constant information linked to a topic.

The same happens with influencers on social networks. As we already mentioned, today we can all influence someone's decisions, but it won't be the same for your best friend to recommend a hair cream as for a person with knowledge in hair esthetics or even a dermatologist to recommend a specific product for your needs.

Create instagram account

In this way, influencers advertise a product or service to their audience through their social media channels. It is understood, therefore, that their recommendations influence the purchasing decisions made by their followers.

In other words, those profiles that have a large community due to the popularity they enjoy in other media. For example, singers, actors and actresses or influential people in the political, economic and social scene.

First of all, you should conduct a research of your niche market. To do this, you should consider whether there is any figure, usually a professional, who is relevant within this sector and who also has some relevance in networks.

To do this, you must take into account what niche they are targeting, whether their publications are fully focused on it and what relationship they have with their followers. In other words, what is the engagement of your account.

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