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Number of influencers on instagram

  1. Patrizia Yanguela - "For The Night".
    1. V. Complete. Learning techniques according to science
    2. Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Patrizia Yanguela - "For The Night".

When Instagram had not yet launched its advertising platform, influencers started to build their audiences by posting about their friends, family and daily life and this made the audience feel very close to them.

As users were able to comment on their posts and, in many cases, get a response, this type of marketing was strongly promoted and brands began to recognize that the influence of these social leaders was greater than that of celebrities.

Micro-influencers are social media users who specialize in a niche market or specific area, share content on their social profiles about their interests and publish sponsored posts when associated with brands.

Brands and marketers focus on the interactions between influencers and their audiences, and this is measured by engagement, i.e. the likes, comments and full trust those who follow you have in the influencers they are following.

V. Complete. Learning techniques according to science

In the digital era, people have stopped relying on the usual ads and traditional media recommendations to bet on the criteria of their favorite influencers, an essential figure in consumer society whose presence has spread like wildfire, with people who record themselves to share their content at all hours, inspired by this phenomenon. If you want to know what an influencer is and how to become one, this post is written for you.

Something they achieve thanks to the way they transmit their knowledge and way of life. If a user likes what you share and trusts you, you have gained a lot of ground. This is achieved, for example, by being honest with the products they like and dislike, identifying as advertising the content they are paid to share and being critical when they need to be.

They have a natural ability to make themselves understood and communicate with their community, making that translate into new followers. The art of communicating has become an essential value for any brand, getting to reflect on complex issues in a simple way.

Taylor Swift - Blank Space

Since the birth of social networks there have been users and brands that have managed to stand out from the competition and win a place in the hearts (and browsers and apps) of users around the world. The most followed influencers on social networks are able to viralize content and boost its diffusion, they set trends and gain more media power at every step that allows them to easily promote any content.

There are currently millions of profiles and users filling social networks, but only a few manage to accumulate legions of followers and form a solid community that takes them to the Olympus of social platforms.

Both Samsung, with 162 million followers, and Cristiano Ronaldo, with 161 million, repeat on the podium, in second and third place respectively. Mr. Bean gained 6 million users and remains in fourth place (currently with 135 million) and the 5 Minute Crafts medium (125.3 million) climbs to fifth place.


AliExpress celebraba su 11º aniversario y quería llegar al mayor número de personas posible. Como marca global, AliExpress ya estaba establecida en la mayoría de las grandes ciudades, pero querían afianzarse en el mercado europeo. Para maximizar la exposición a la comunidad local, AliExpress quería dirigirse a los Influencers de youtube en España para impulsar uno de los mayores eventos de ventas del año.

Trabajamos junto con AliExpress en una lluvia de ideas sobre cómo promocionar mejor la plataforma a través de los influencers de Youtube. Decidimos dar a los Youtubers una selección de productos gratuitos de su elección que pudieran elegir en la plataforma, y grabar sus propios vídeos de reacción cuando recibieran el producto. De este modo, los influencers de Youtube tenían la opción de elegir sus productos y, al mismo tiempo, la flexibilidad de crear contenidos con su propio estilo. Esta campaña fue un gran éxito, ya que los influencers se mostraron realmente satisfechos al reseñar los productos que habían recibido, mientras que AliExpress estaba contenta con los resultados obtenidos gracias a esta colaboración.

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