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What makes an influencer

  1. Qué hace un influencer marketing
  2. What is being an influencer?
  3. What is and what is the role of an influencer?
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Qué hace un influencer marketing

Puede parecer innecesario a estas alturas definir el concepto de influencer, pero haciéndolo evitaremos confusiones sobre las diferencias entre estos perfiles y las celebrities, un error común de quienes no están familiarizados con el marketing de influencers.

Un influencer es una persona que ha sido capaz de conseguir seguidores gracias a la creación de contenidos escritos, fotográficos o de vídeo en redes sociales y cuyas opiniones, gustos y preferencias son valoradas por dicha comunidad de seguidores. Esto puede deberse a diferentes factores, desde la apariencia hasta el carisma y la credibilidad, que sus seguidores admiran.

La calificación de un influencer no se debe sólo a su popularidad, sino a su capacidad para influir en su audiencia. En otras palabras, la audiencia determina si una persona es o no un influencer. Una celebridad puede ser un influencer simplemente porque es capaz de iniciar una tendencia entre su audiencia, pero para ser un influencer no necesariamente hay que ser famoso.

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What is being an influencer?

An influencer is a person active in social networks who, because of his or her lifestyle, values or beliefs, has a direct influence on a certain number of followers and users.

What is and what is the role of an influencer?

By the simplest definition, an influencer is someone who can influence others. In influencer marketing, a form of social media marketing, brands pay that person to promote their product or service to their followers.

Influencer marketing hub

How is influencer marketing just the beginning of this space? Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses a lot of help through sponsorships and products mentioned by influencers. These people have dedicated social followings and are considered experts in their particular area or niche. This type of marketing works because people trust the social influencers they follow. And recommendations from these influencers will function as social proof that companies can target their potential customers. Social media has started to gain momentum recently, especially in the post-pandemic era. While sitting at home, people were more glued to their screens and realized they were missing out on a lot. That's why so many people have joined social networks, or have re-activated their long-lost accounts and gotten back into the swing of social networking platforms.

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How to measure an influencer

In addition, with influencer marketing, B2B brands achieve results from increased brand awareness and reputation to direct increases in sales, details the B2B Influencer Study 2022

According to the B2B Influencer Study 2022, brands should look beyond metrics such as followers and subscribers and focus on more valuable attributes such as the honesty and values an influencer has when conveying a message.

Relevance and trustworthiness are what B2B brands value most when working with an influencer. TopRank Marketing asked respondents to rank a list of qualities and these were the results:

In 2022, webinars are the clear favorite. When asked what types of content are favored in the current B2B influencer marketing trend, respondents who participated in the B2B 2022 Influencer Study said:

This report finds that the biggest opportunity for B2B brands lies in strategy development, with less than half of B2B marketers saying they have a clear and documented influencer strategy.

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Measure influencer engagement

1We find our influencers through Machine Learning to reach exactly the right target for your brand, with high credibility and 100% real and organic content, we don't use databases!

Through micro influencers, opinion leaders, macro and celebrities in Chile, we seek to show the skin of each person and let them know they have an interesting story to tell. We put complex and personal topics of conversation on the table to humanize the brand, along with real testimonials.

Identity and expression is captured through top-notch makeup, in which we showcase through influencers the diversity of styles, skins, tastes, forms of expression. They dare to be themselves with a cruelty free and vegan brand.

"For us, communication through micro influencers has been key, allowing us to enter the homes and circles of friends of dozens of people aligned with the values of our brand."

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