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Best influencer marketing strategies

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  2. What strategies do influencers use?
  3. How to make a good influencer marketing?
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Influencers b2b

Influencers are not a novelty. On the contrary, they have been around since the media started to become really massive, first with the written press, and then with radio and television.

Influencers are opinion leaders. They used to be celebrities, sportsmen or political and cultural personalities who, by talking about a brand or a product in the media, had an impact on the purchase decision of their followers.

Reaching an agreement for the publication of branded content is not mandatory, but some companies consider it a necessary step to consolidate marketing actions around the influencer's audience.

Influencer marketing is a growing methodology. As we mentioned in The keys to the new digital marketing, there is "an effort to be in all those spaces that potential customers inhabit, to be able to speak to them in their own language, through the format and channel with which they most identify". Appealing to their referents is just another step in this direction.

What strategies do influencers use?

Influencer Marketing or Influencers Marketing is a strategy where a collaboration agreement is reached between a brand and an influencer to spread or promote their brand, usually with the aim of increasing the visibility of the brand, web traffic, the number of followers on the website and the number of ...

How to make a good influencer marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the methodology through which a brand pays or encourages influential people in a specific topic to spread its message. It can consist of promoting a specific product, generating expectation for a campaign, or achieving a specific diffusion.

Nani influencer

Branded content with influencers: one of the best ways to build a brand is branded content with influencers. The main purpose is to generate high quality content to interact with our audience and achieve a greater impact with respect to other marketing strategies. Even so, behind these strategies there is much more work and decisions than we can imagine at first.

Digital transformation is a key factor when planning influencer strategies. 90% of companies already consider that they are immersed in a digital transformation process, even that they have already overcome it and are fully prepared.

This entails an obvious advantage when it comes to creating content in the digital ecosystem, since mastering it and understanding its strengths and weaknesses allows us to improve our image in the eyes of the influencers who will collaborate with our brand and for the audience to whom our message will be addressed.

Mega influencers

We study the behavior and communication habits of audiences, know and segment the appropriate communication channels, and develop precise communication strategies in order to create emotional ties between the brand and its audiences.

We work hand in hand with leading companies in different sectors at a national and international level, which allows us to connect your brand with stakeholders and valuable audiences, we know how it works: if the plan does not work, change the plan, not the objective.

How many followers a micro influencer has

Hyperconnected in a personalized world. This could be one of the definitions of the contemporary social context that technology and its different uses have been drawing hand in hand with today's society. All social and economic sectors, structurally, and the agents that participate in them, in particular, live a constant challenge where changes are happening at great speed. Catalysts of this dynamic are, undoubtedly, the social media that have contributed to create and promote a technologically hyperconnected world, and have allowed the development of the figure of the social media influencer, one of the biggest trends in digital marketing today. The general objective of this research is to determine the keys to the communication success of the social media influencer Carlos Ríos (creator of the healthy lifestyle movement realfooding) on Instagram, through the analysis of his profile @carlosriosq and his product "Café Secreto". For this purpose, a documentary analysis is carried out with the data collected from the tools: Keyhole and InstaBro. The results obtained allow us to clarify the communication guidelines for building a brand on Instagram, among which, after the study of "Café Secreto", the redefinition of communication in the product launch phases stands out.

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