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Difference between affiliate marketing and influencer marketing

  1. Micro influencers examples
  2. What is affiliate marketing?
  3. What is influencer marketing?
  4. How does affiliate marketing work on Instagram?
    1. Microinfluenciadores
    2. What is a mega influencer?
    3. Macro influencer

Micro influencers examples

Most companies with an online presence use an online store or platform to conduct e-commerce marketing and sales activities, as well as to oversee logistics and fulfillment.

To understand e-commerce in its entirety, let's take a look at its history, growth and impact on the business world. We'll also discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, as well as forecasts for the future. For more current and expert insight, don't miss our bi-weekly podcast Make it Big, in which experts from around the world discuss everything related to e-commerce, from industry news and trends to growth strategies and success stories.

B2C e-commerce encompasses transactions between a business and a consumer. B2C is one of the most popular sales models in the e-commerce context. For example, when you buy shoes from an online store, you are doing a business-to-consumer e-commerce transaction.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing, or affiliate marketing, is a customer acquisition system based on working with intermediaries. At the same time, they receive a certain remuneration for their activities. In this sense, to be successful in this area, it is necessary to have an effective strategy.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing, also known as branded content, creator work or influencer marketing, is a surefire way to expand your brand's reach on social media.

How does affiliate marketing work on Instagram?

Affiliate marketing on Instagram works the same as on other platforms; a company pays an influencer a commission for attracting people to buy their product or service. The amount of commission paid is tracked through a unique code or URL.


Los blogueros pueden apoyar a las empresas y sus mensajes de marca a través de sus seguidores como influenciadores o de la audiencia existente de su blog como vendedores afiliados. Sea cual sea la vía que elija, su apoyo como tercero es vital para educar y captar clientes potenciales.

Obtenga más información sobre las similitudes y las diferencias fundamentales entre el marketing de afiliación y el marketing de influencers. Así estarás en una posición inmejorable para elegir cómo aprovechar tu trabajo como bloguero para obtener aún más oportunidades.

Como blogger, es muy importante que tengas presencia en las redes sociales. Contar con seguidores en las redes sociales te hace más accesible a tu público y te convierte en un colaborador muy apreciado en el mercado de las personas influyentes.

Al igual que los portavoces famosos de las marcas de moda, un influencer pondrá su nombre a un producto. Sin embargo, a diferencia de los portavoces famosos, los influencers suelen predicar con el ejemplo. Aquí es donde las principales ventajas de trabajar con un influencer se hacen evidentes para una marca:

Los blogueros y las personalidades de las redes sociales son opciones populares como afiliados, ya que a menudo tienen un sentido de confianza establecido con su audiencia y pueden integrar fácilmente recomendaciones de productos en su contenido.

What is a mega influencer?

In addition, a display ad, more similar in most cases to traditional advertising, is not the same as an ad in Adwords or in any of the social networks that allow brands to launch messages to millionaire audiences upon payment of the established rate.

Therefore, digital advertising needs to incorporate another set of metrics to help define the different investments. In this post we show you the differences between CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA and CPI. Costs that vary depending on:

The metric that is most associated with this type of cost is the cost per thousand (CPM) which indicates the value given to each 1000 impressions of the same banner. For example, if we give a value of 5 euros to the CPM of an ad and there are 30,000 impressions, the cost per impression will be 150 euros, the result of multiplying 5 by 30.

Generally, cost per impression is used to increase brand awareness, branding. In fact, the main objective is often to increase brand awareness. For other types of objectives, the CPM may result in too high an investment without clear results.

Macro influencer

Affiliate marketing, or affiliate marketing, is a customer acquisition system based on working with intermediaries. At the same time, they receive a certain remuneration for their activities. In this sense, to be successful in this area, it is necessary to have an effective strategy.

Affiliate marketing is an activity that consists of promoting the products or services of another company or person. For this, the intermediary receives a certain remuneration. In order for it to work, it is necessary to find the product of interest, advertise it to third parties and receive a share of the profits.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a practice in which an affiliate is paid for promoting a vendor's products. The affiliate may sometimes not be a single person, but a group of individuals or a company.

The affiliate: often referred to as the publisher. This party encourages people to buy the vendor's products. Typically, partners are opinion leaders, bloggers and affiliate marketing companies.

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