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Influencer marketing success story

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How to do influencer marketing

Through Influencer Marketing, businesses choose a "spokesperson" to transmit their proposals to the audience. This spokesperson must be a popular and charismatic person, since the objective of this strategy is to take advantage of his or her ability to influence people and their choices.

Since then, the stars of Influencer Marketing became movie and TV celebrities, a situation that lasted for decades. To illustrate this point, in the following GIF you can see the character Joey from the series Friends (1994-2004), when he is hired as an influencer by a Japanese company to sell a male lipstick.

With the advent of the Internet, the practice of Influencer Marketing took a turn and became more powerful, mainly for three reasons. The first is that the Web makes it possible for anyone to be an influencer, as long as they have a sufficiently large audience. This enables accessible costs for businesses.

To explain the success of Influencer Marketing, we will start by mentioning the psychological factor: people are much more susceptible to be influenced by those they admire or love. Combining that fact with the qualities of Social Media, an advertising message can thus be promoted very effectively.

Free influencer measurement tools

In addition, with influencer marketing, B2B brands achieve results from increasing brand awareness and reputation to directly increasing sales, details the B2B 2022 Influencer Study.

According to the B2B Influencer Study 2022, brands should look beyond metrics such as followers and subscribers and focus on more valuable attributes such as the honesty and values an influencer has when conveying a message.

Relevance and trustworthiness are what B2B brands value most when working with an influencer. TopRank Marketing asked respondents to rank a list of qualities and these were the results:

In 2022, webinars are the clear favorite. When asked what types of content are favored in the current B2B influencer marketing trend, respondents who participated in the B2B 2022 Influencer Study said:

This report finds that the biggest opportunity for B2B brands lies in strategy development, with less than half of B2B marketers saying they have a clear and documented influencer strategy.

Influencer marketing hub

The marketing mix concept was first implemented by Harvard professor Neil H. Borden. But it was not until 1960, thanks to University of Michigan professor E. Jerome McCarthy, that the idea of marketing mix as we see it today became known.

Product is one of the most important of all marketing variables. It is directly related to the product or service to be offered to consumers, and includes an answer to why consumers need it. In other words, this variable explains why consumers seek to acquire a particular product.

When we talk about distribution, we are referring to the different phases through which a product passes from its creation until it reaches the final consumer. This encompasses aspects such as: storage, transportation, shipping time and costs, points of sale, etc. In addition to this, it assumes processes such as inventory management, which is essential for sales, since it demands a follow-up of product stock.

What does influencer marketing do?

We focus on developing web sites that are user experience friendly for easy navigation, so that your potential customer can easily find the information they need.

We are an influencer agency working in the development of influencer marketing strategies that connects your business with the main influencers in your sector, so that your products and services reach more people.

With BTL marketing and knowing the buyer persona of your company we generate creative btl activations that impact your audience, placing your brand in the top of mind and taking BTL advertising to another level.

We develop marketing strategies focused on commercially impacting companies, generating a successful case for our clients. We become your marketing department, getting involved and getting to know the particular needs of each of our clients.

To make this process more personal, we invite you to share your information with us and a sales executive will contact you to understand your project and provide you with the best solution. Let's start working together!

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