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The influencer marketing agency

  1. How to join an influencer agency
  2. What is influencer marketing called?
  3. What is Goldfish Company?
  4. What type of marketing does Instagram use?
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How to join an influencer agency

Cristeros has its origins in the legacy of the emblematic 1926 Cristero civil rebellion in the history of Mexico. This luxury jewelry brand captures in each of its pieces the effort with which artisanal silver is worked. Get to know each one of their jewels and let yourself fall in love with this little piece of Mexican history.

If there is a media specialized in finance and lifestyle, that is Tu.Money. This platform is the best to understand from scratch what is happening with banks, fintechs, cryptocurrencies and all the gossip with Mexico's economy. For entrepreneurs, teenagers or millennials, this page is the most fun to learn about finances and take care of your pocket.

What is influencer marketing called?

Influencer Marketing is the methodology through which a brand pays or encourages influential people in a specific topic to spread its message. It can consist of promoting a specific product, generating expectation for a campaign, or achieving a specific diffusion.

What is Goldfish Company?

We are the expert, leading and most innovative Influencer Marketing agency in Latin America. Since 2014 we have worked with +550 clients throughout the region, taking influencer marketing to the next level.

What type of marketing does Instagram use?

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing, which involves promoting a brand on Instagram. This social media platform helps brands connect with a huge audience, increase brand awareness and increase sales.

Micro influencers agency

Optimal selection of profiles to better care for and communicate your brandWe analyze the tone of voice, aesthetics and followers to find the profiles that best communicate your brand and get the best results. We perform an automated analysis of Brand safety so that you do not receive profiles that buy followers or interactions, have worked with your competitors or made posts on sensitive topics.

We recommend content related to each account, getting more interactions per postWe make a thorough analysis of the historical posts of each profile in search of patterns that allow us to enhance the results of the post to be made.

Influencer marketing agency

In addition, with influencer marketing, B2B brands achieve results from increased brand awareness and reputation to directly increasing sales, details the B2B 2022 Influencer Study.

According to the B2B Influencer Study 2022, brands should look beyond metrics such as followers and subscribers and focus on more valuable attributes such as the honesty and values an influencer has when conveying a message.

Relevance and trustworthiness are what B2B brands value most when working with an influencer. TopRank Marketing asked respondents to rank a list of qualities and these were the results:

In 2022, webinars are the clear favorite. When asked what types of content are favored in the current B2B influencer marketing trend, respondents who participated in the B2B 2022 Influencer Study said:

This report finds that the biggest opportunity for B2B brands lies in strategy development, with less than half of B2B marketers saying they have a clear and documented influencer strategy.

Influencers agency bogotá

Monterrey is one of the main cities in Mexico and capital of Nuevo León, a federal entity where countless businesses and companies that contribute 8.0% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are concentrated.

For this reason, it is necessary to have specialized online advertising services in the state capital, to meet the advertising needs of companies and, on this occasion, we have taken on the task of presenting this Top with the best digital marketing agencies in Monterrey, which will help grow your business.

The marketing agency BLCK or Just Black specializes in branding services, user experience, social media marketing and content marketing. This creative agency based in Nuevo León has clients such as Fincamex, La Botanera, Keat and Consultap among others.

Drive4Marketing's integrated marketing agency specializes in developing brand awareness and attracting leads focused on improving the perception and reach of its clients. Among its clients are Little Caesars, Lamosa and Crest.

  Pros and cons of influencer marketing
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