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The use of influencers in social media marketing

  1. How many followers a micro influencer has
    1. What is influencer marketing
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How many followers a micro influencer has

Marketing helps to engage customers, build positive brand equity and promote your products and services. In this way, marketing represents a powerful tool that, when employed strategically, allows your company to grow exponentially. For this reason, you need to hire an experienced and results-oriented digital marketing agency to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Reinvent your brand and stand out from the competition by hiring a creative and innovative digital agency. In short, we offer original marketing solutions to drive your business growth.

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What is influencer marketing

How is influencer marketing just the beginning of this space? Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses a lot of help through sponsorships and products mentioned by influencers. These people have dedicated social followings and are considered experts in their particular area or niche. This type of marketing works because people trust the social influencers they follow. And recommendations from these influencers will function as social proof that companies can target their potential customers. Social media has started to gain momentum recently, especially in the post-pandemic era. While sitting at home, people were more glued to their screens and realized they were missing out on a lot. That's why so many people have joined social networks, or have re-activated their long-lost accounts and gotten back into the swing of social networking platforms.

Nano influencers

One of the trends in digital marketing is influencer marketing, a trend that revolves around the influence exerted on social networks by certain professionals or people with a reputation that may be related or influenced towards the product or brand. It is an influence strategy that a company can use to publicize its services and that they know they can capture and disseminate well, through an influencer in social networks, since a large part of their consumers are in them. It is for this reason that they seek to obtain benefits by collaborating with these professionals so that they become standard bearers of the brand and show the benefits of their products.

Influencers are people with great presence and influence in networks and who have a certain credibility in a certain topic. They are users of the networks who have managed to be followed by many people and among the content they share are the recommendations of the brands they supposedly use. Credibility conditions the whole strategy, brands must generate trust and credibility, it is one of the most important factors that companies must promote. That is why the type of influencer they choose will be vital, since their reputation is at stake. More and more companies are using influencer marketing and have a budget earmarked for it. They know it is a safe bet!

Micro influencers instagram

Artificial Intelligence is a relatively broad term that encompasses a number of approaches to building computer systems that can "think" and perform tasks as well as, or in some cases, better than humans. Below we take a look at five of the applications where AI is already revolutionizing digital marketing.

By allowing machines to make these types of decisions, business owners and employees can spend more time on the creative aspects of their work. One such business application is the use of personal digital assistants that can arrange meetings between colleagues or company executives.

In terms of recruitment, sifting through piles of CVs and applications is already a reality. AI is helping to create lists to help employers recruit faster and at a lower cost. Similarly, systems like LinkedIn's Sales Navigator allow users to find job opportunities and leads. marketing de influencers
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