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Linkedin demographics

What a lot of wisdomía conveyed in such a powerful way by Victor Kuppers, a colleague I admire. I take an aspect of this great video to reflect on our role as líderes influencers in social networks. I invite you to watch it to the end.

Never buy into it. Communicating is a responsibility. The bigger your audience, the more responsibility you have. It doesn't make you better than others. But your message, if it's positive, can make a remarkable impact on people's lives and open doors to great opportunities.

Empowering a personal brand is not a religious dogma. Youú will know what you want to show and share with the world, in your own time. That sí, do it with a clear premise: bring value and inspire others, with authenticity and respect.

Leading is a complex art, which requires great preparation and training in key competencies, to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. Today, digital competencies are added. A leader can be influential in social networks.

Linkedin ads best practices 2023

What is a lead? In Inbound Marketing, a lead refers to those users who have left us their contact information. These users fill out one of our landing pages to obtain content, and in turn, their personal information becomes part of our database and becomes a lead for our company.

To generate leads in online marketing, the most common situation is that a user visits our page and leaves us his data in a form in exchange for downloading a valuable content for him (for example, an ebook) or to obtain some other advantage. These contacts become part of our database and are considered potential customers for our products or services, so we will undertake a series of promotional actions aimed at achieving the final conversion.

The concept of lead or potential customer is of great importance in digital marketing and is related to other important concepts, several of which are commonly used in Inbound Marketing.

Who uses linkedin

The term 'insight' has become very popular in the business environment and especially in the fields of marketing, advertising and business intelligence. However, there is still some confusion about what an insight is, what it is used for and how companies use it.

If you work in marketing, advertising, communications, business intelligence or data analysis, you probably already know what an insight is. However, despite being a vital tool for companies, many executives and business managers still do not understand exactly what insights are.

Beyond psychology, the word insight is also very prolific in the business environment, especially in the fields of marketing, communication, branding, market research and business intelligence.

In this field, the 'marketing' connotation of the term does not stray too far from its original meaning, which is that an insight is basically knowledge. However, it is not just any type of knowledge or what, outside the business environment, we can understand by knowledge.

Linkedin marketing labs

Monterrey is one of the main cities in Mexico and capital of Nuevo Leon, a federal entity where countless businesses and companies that contribute 8.0% of the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are concentrated.

For this reason, it is necessary to have specialized online advertising services in the state capital, to meet the advertising needs of companies and, on this occasion, we have taken on the task of presenting this Top with the best digital marketing agencies in Monterrey, which will help grow your business.

The marketing agency BLCK or Just Black specializes in branding services, user experience, social media marketing and content marketing. This creative agency based in Nuevo León has clients such as Fincamex, La Botanera, Keat and Consultap among others.

Drive4Marketing, an integrated marketing agency, specializes in developing brand awareness and attracting leads focused on improving the perception and reach of its clients. Among its clients are Little Caesars, Lamosa and Crest.

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