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When did influencer marketing start

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  2. When did influencer marketing emerge?
  3. Who was the first influencer in history?
  4. What is Influencer Marketing?
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Me at the zoo

In the digital era, people have stopped trusting the usual ads and traditional media recommendations to bet on the criteria of their favorite influencers, an essential figure in the consumer society whose presence has spread like wildfire, with people who record themselves to share their content at all hours, inspired by this phenomenon. If you want to know what an influencer is and how to become one, this post is written for you.

Something they achieve thanks to the way they transmit their knowledge and way of life. If a user likes what you share and trusts you, you have gained a lot of ground. This is achieved, for example, by being honest with the products they like and dislike, identifying as advertising the content they are paid to share and being critical when they need to be.

They have a natural ability to make themselves understood and communicate with their community, making that translate into new followers. The art of communicating has become an essential value for any brand, getting to reflect on complex issues in a simple way.

When did influencer marketing emerge?

How influencer marketing came about

The beginnings of influencer marketing, as we know it today, date back to 2006 - starting with the blogging phenomenon in 2004 - and have been linked to the evolution of social media platforms themselves.

Who was the first influencer in history?

Elena Francis, the first influencer in history.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the methodology through which a brand pays or encourages influential people in a specific topic to spread its message. It can consist of promoting a specific product, generating expectation for a campaign, or achieving a specific diffusion.

Revisión de Tapinfluence: Influencer Marketing Software (Plataforma)

Nuestros embajadores Nicolás Chioccola, #DiegoPy y Gustavo Franceschini en Doha, y acá Isaías Torres, Julián D'Andrea y Santiago Germano. Un gran equipo que crece día a día como la ansiedad por el Mundial.

Sólo falta un año para el Mundial de #Qatar. Y realmente está cerca. Han sido unos días muy movidos en @roadto2022es por los eventos del primer año, el segundo Instagram Live de "Camino a Qatar", el flamante 974 Stadium y el Desafío 365 que hicimos en #TikTok e #Instagram.

Nuestros embajadores NicolásChioccola, DiegoPy y Gustavo Franceschini en Doha, e Isaías Torres, Julián D'Andrea y Santiago Germano aquí en Buenos Aires. Un gran equipo que crece día a día como la ansiedad por el Mundial.

Periodista Profesional. CEO en RCH, Estadísticas, contenidos y redacción en medios nacionales y extranjeros. Emprendedor y responsable. Presidente de APeFoRA (Asociación de Periodistas y Fotógrafos de Rugby de Argentina)


In 2016, the start-up ByteDance released an app called TikTok (Douyin in the Chinese market): an app that allows you to create music clips lasting less than 1 minute. The user can create, edit and upload videos by adding a background song, but can also add filters, stickers and even 3D masks. It has become very popular to record music video selfies with playback, lip-syncing to the background song.

As of today, TikTok is available in 150 countries and 75 languages. In India, the first country to use TikTok, there are 200 million subscribers and 100 million monthly active users. In fact, in January 2019, 43% of new downloads were located in this country, the United States is the second market with the most new downloads, registering 9% (2).

For its part, in Mexico it is estimated that there are 19.7 million people using the app for an average of between 38 and 41 minutes a day and they do so for 6 sessions. This places it as the country with the fifth largest number of users, followed by Brazil, in sixth position, with 18.4 million users (7).

When did influencer marketing start 2022

However, its origins date back to 1900, when characters and celebrities began to be used to promote products by turning them into their own brand ambassadors. This is how we identify Santa Claus with Coca-Cola or how, for example, Robert Norris was identified for so long as "the Marlboro Man".

Social networks have been evolving in response to this new profession and branch of marketing: the inclusion of the famous blue "tik"; the mandatory extensions of paid content; the #ad that has to be used when it comes to advertising, etc.

We hope you found this article on influencer marketing helpful. If you want to achieve greater visibility for your brand, from La Biznaga Digital, as a digital marketing agency, you can find a multidisciplinary team that will help you achieve your goals through digital strategies tailored to you.

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