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Influence of social media on self esteem

  1. Importance of social networks
    1. What are social networks?
    2. Types of social networks wikipedia
    3. Emotional impact of social networks

Importance of social networks

Virtual social networks (VNs) were created to facilitate social relations and access to information in an agile and collective manner. However, the media show how some young users of these networks end up involved in behaviors that affect their social and family behavior. In view of this, we inquired about the place that adolescents currently give to the RSVs and their influence on family and social life. The findings on the family aspect showed that the RSVs favor communication with the distant family, but isolate the close family; in addition, conflicts derived from non-compliance with rules, violation of privacy and misunderstandings are evidenced. On the social side, it was found that virtual social relationships are an extension of face-to-face ones, but there are conflicts in areas such as communication, reduction of social activities, invasion of privacy, aggressions and rivalries.

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What are social networks?

I began my studies in the field of Social Education and once I finished, I expanded my knowledge in the field of health, making the degree of Psychology with educational mention and later, I specialized through the Master in General Health Psychology. I am currently working in an immediate care center for young immigrants.

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Types of social networks wikipedia

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Emotional impact of social networks

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