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The influence of social media on students.

  1. Cases of excessive use of social networks
    1. Addiction to social networks and social skills
    2. Addiction to social networks indicators
    3. Addiction to social networks in university students

Cases of excessive use of social networks

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Addiction to social networks and social skills

The digital world has revolutionized society's way of life and has also changed the planning and interaction of the educational environment. Today, it is clear that social networks in education are a fundamental tool to promote a new learning model among students, whose main means of communication is the Internet.

In this sense, some educators claim that social networks in education can promote dialogue and participation. They also state that educational social networks are a new way of understanding learning at different ages. Therefore, it is important that educational centers are aware of them and use them in such a way that students can benefit from them for their training as well as for their personal development.

In the educational field, it is important to detail the positive aspects that social networks can have in the classroom. One of the specialists who should be aware of these advantages is the graduate of the FP in Early Childhood Education at a distance. The use of ICT in education can facilitate the work of teachers and the learning process of students.

Addiction to social networks indicators

My justification is that this research arises from the fact that the majority of young people use it in their leisure time, and that the minority use it in their academic work, but at first glance nothing can be confirmed. Therefore, in this problem it has been decided to develop this study, and in one way or another to contribute by providing explicit information about the use of social networks in students. To make known how the visual platforms basically in social networks affect the unnecessary use of them giving a positive perspective, as well as a negative one. Read more

Addiction to social networks in university students

The term social networks has been used in the humanities since the mid-20th century to refer to norms and dynamics of social interaction. Today the term is often used to refer to online platforms. Social networks are one of the ways that the Internet provides us with to communicate with people. They are a form of social interaction based on the interactive and dynamic exchange of different information between different people, groups or institutions. Education has been one of the disciplines that is benefiting the most from this type of social networks, since they have especially favored group work and collaboration among peers. It is an ideal space for sharing knowledge that is attractive and motivating for all students and their teachers.

  Social media influencers impact on youth
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