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Why are social media influencers important

  1. What is a mega influencer
    1. Nanoinfluencers
    2. Medium influencer
    3. Ejemplos de microinfluenciadores

What is a mega influencer

Try competitor brand monitoring. Track and analyze mentions from different clients, check sentiment and reach of mentions, create custom reports in the platform.

Track brand mentions and take your customer service to social. Answer customer questions through the app, track positive and negative feedback, and build meaningful relationships by always being there for them when they need you.

Discover potential customers who are looking for companies like your brand online and convert leads into leads by being the first to answer their questions and offer solutions. Respond to every post with social mentions through the online brand monitoring app.

The reality of this tool will be greatly underestimated or misunderstood. I can already see a source of extra revenue for clients. Once you learn how to use it, the intelligence you get from it in terms of brand mentions, competitor research and identifying new trends and much more. There's a lot of good and very little bad. It's so good that I'd be surprised if people want more.


When Instagram had not yet launched its advertising platform, influencers began to build their audiences by posting about their friends, family and daily life and this made the audience feel very close to them.

As users were able to comment on their posts and, in many cases, get a response, this type of marketing was strongly promoted and brands began to recognize that the influence of these social leaders was greater than that of celebrities.

Micro-influencers are social media users who specialize in a niche market or specific area, share content on their social profiles about their interests and publish sponsored posts when associated with brands.

Brands and marketers focus on the interactions between influencers and their audiences, and this is measured by engagement, i.e. the likes, comments and full trust those who follow you have in the influencers they are following.

Medium influencer

Harness the power of global conversations with Sprout's powerful, enterprise-ready social media Listening solution based on intelligent workflows and proprietary AI-powered technology.

Sprout's artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology does the heavy lifting for you at scale, sifting through millions of data points to deliver the trends, insights and key learnings you need in seconds.

Sprout's enterprise-ready platform scales the high-volume data import process with intelligent workflows and AI-powered technology to deliver actionable learnings about your brand, competitors, industry and consumers.

Own Own Participation (SOV) and differentiate your brand. Discover how consumers feel about your competitors, identify industry gaps and seize opportunities to differentiate your business from the rest.

Ejemplos de microinfluenciadores

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Métodos. Se revisó la legislación sobre las prohibiciones de la publicidad, la promoción y el patrocinio del tabaco en Uruguay y Argentina y se recuperó bibliografía, noticias, informes de la sociedad civil e informes de la industria tabacalera para analizar los avances en la aplicación de las prohibiciones de la publicidad, la promoción y el patrocinio del tabaco.

Crosbie E, Gutkowski P, Severini G, Pizarro M, Perez S, Albuquerque de Figueiredo B, et al. Avances en la adopción de las prohibiciones de publicidad, promoción y patrocinio del tabaco en las Américas: lecciones de Uruguay y Argentina. Rev Panam Salud Publica. 2022;46:e102.

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