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Mindspace influencing behaviour through public policy

  1. Handbook of behavioral economics
    1. Mexican Institute of Behavioral Economics
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    3. Economic behavior

Handbook of behavioral economics

- Double the capacity to create new jobs, improving their quality and significantly increasing the rate of wage growth. The goal is to have 9 million people employed by the end of the term.

5. Modernize labor relations and incentives in order to re-create quality jobs, improve wages, strengthen labor inclusion, ensure workers' rights, and favor better harmony with rest and family life.

- Promote investments in the energy sector through a Project Management Office, in order to expedite the timely completion of major generation and transmission initiatives, and enhance participation and early dialogue with communities, actively involving them in the development of projects.

- Promote a competitive market, especially in the development of renewable energy sources with high potential, in order to move towards a cleaner, more economical, diversified, efficient and competitive energy matrix.

Mexican Institute of Behavioral Economics

In this sense, its commitment to this population includes four major challenges: to advocate for and provide support to the National Government so that they obtain the necessary conditions to overcome poverty; to be included in quality education systems; to receive protection against violence and child labor; and to be empowered through spaces for participation where their voice is heard and taken into account.

The line of education for employment and life project promotes socio-occupational development, so that high school students have information on academic and employment opportunities in their territories.

Behavioral economics examples

Whereas, paragraphs 4 and 17 of Article 6 of Law No. 29357 establish as specific functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to formulate, coordinate, execute and evaluate the policy of protection and assistance to nationals abroad; as well as to protect, safeguard and promote the interests of the State and its nationals abroad;

That Legislative Decree No. 1350 - Legislative Decree on Migration - establishes in its Preliminary Title the Principle of Comprehensiveness by which the State promotes the comprehensive treatment of the migratory phenomenon in consideration of its complexity and cross-cutting impacts, which require an intersectoral, multidimensional and co-responsibility response. For its part, paragraph 4.1 of Article 4 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree, defines that the Executive Power dictates the Migration Policy in the external and internal spheres, which is part of the State Policy. This article also specifies in paragraph 4.2 that in the internal sphere, the Immigration Policy is aimed at determining the relationship of the Peruvian State for purposes of entry, stay, residence and exit from Peruvian territory of nationals and foreigners; and, in the external sphere, the protection and assistance of Peruvians abroad and the relationship with the nationals of other States, within the framework of international relations;

Economic behavior

We know little about the dynamics of teen dating relationships; but what we do know is that what happens in adolescence, including intimate partner violence, can have devastating consequences in their lives now and in the future.

Social norms also discourage third parties from intervening when a couple is experiencing situations of excessive control or violence, which contributes to the couple's failure to seek help and their isolation from their support networks. Other risk factors identified are limited access to sexual and reproductive health services, unequal power relations within the couple, social isolation, lack of family members or caregivers to turn to, and having suffered violence in childhood.

In this context, it is disconcerting to learn from research that while most adolescents aspire to relationships based on trust, respect and love, they have no guidance to achieve this. Opportunities to learn and critically reflect on their sexual and reproductive rights, gender equality, interpersonal communication skills, and self-efficacy, which would help them recognize their own preferences and desires, and communicate them to their partners assertively and without aggression, are scarce. They also do not receive comprehensive sexuality education to be able to navigate their first relationships in a consensual, safe and non-coercive manner.

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