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Divgikar was born and raised in the western suburbs of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, in his family's Bandra West home. Divgikar was born to parents Goan Konkani, Pradeep Divgikar and Bharati Divgikar. His father, Pradeep, is a retired deputy commissioner of Indian Customs and Excise and a former president of the Greater Mumbai Amateur Aquatics Association (GMAAA).[3] Divgikar is a former president of the Greater Mumbai Amateur Aquatics Association.

Divgikar began his television career with UTV Bindass' Big Switch season 3, directed by Rohit Shetty. He then appeared in Atyachaar Ka Punchnama for UTV Bindass as a host. He was a contestant in Color TV's Bigg Boss 8. He participated in Mr Gay World 2014. He was among the top 10 finalists and is the first person in the history of the pageant to have three runner-up awards - Mister Gay World Congeniality 2014, Mister People's Choice and Mister Gay World Art 2014.[4] He has also worked in television commercials for brands like Maruti Suzuki, MTV India, Channel V India or Idea mobiles.[5] Apart from acting and television he won several awards and titles between 2011 and 2013.

100 most creative people in the world

Oaxaca is a privileged entity for its biological and socio-cultural richness. The diversity of ecosystems (composed of at least 26 types of vegetation or plant associations), of cultural groups and of social and political organization schemes raises the need to establish diverse strategies for the use and management of natural resources.

The state of Oaxaca is located in the southeastern region of the Mexican Pacific, bordered to the north by the states of Puebla and Veracruz, to the east by Chiapas and to the west by Guerrero. It has a surface area of 95,364 km2, equivalent to 4.8% of the country's total surface area.

Oaxaca's coastal wetlands provide growth areas for fish species, scenic beauty for tourism, and protection from extreme hydrometeorological phenomena. The state's coast has freshwater wetlands that are home to endangered species such as the canacoite or palo de zanate (Bravaisia integérrima), mangroves in the coastal lagoons and estuaries, and coral reefs in the marine area.

Glamour by glammy22

We are the branding consultancy and agency capable of transforming the reality of a company, product, institution or organization; through brand consultancy, which allows us to find the optimal positioning (authentic/affective), and the creative brand strategy, which creates the narrative and identity to support the optimal positioning, over time. This is how we do it

(Reading time 7 min)There is a prejudice that often disorients the leaders of a company about what I consider their most important asset today, the positioning of their brand.

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Although he finds it difficult to distill the keys to his success, he attributes part of it to the aforementioned authenticity. "I only know that I have worked very hard and that I have not tried to look like anyone else. Repeating something because it works generates a very homogeneous illusion that doesn't interest me, I'm proud to be able to do what I want," she insists. On that road before the days of concerts, recognition (she has just been nominated for a Latin Grammy in three categories thanks to the hit Pa mis muchachas with Christina Aguilera, Becky G and Nicki Nicole) and worldwide fame, Nathy worked as a waitress, telemarketer, sales clerk or assembly line employee. A background that has little to do with signing autographs or updating her Instagram account in front of the nearly five million followers who remain attentive to her steps, but that has prepared her to embrace celebrity with her feet on the ground.

From salsa to cumbia through bachata or trap, her repertoire also mixes hip hop, soul, electronica and even rock making her one of the big bets of Sony, record label with which she signed in 2019 after starting her career independently recording her own videos or posting on the internet her versions and songs. Feminist lyrics and the celebration of a beauty that transcends traditionally canonical measures are also part of her particular equation of success. "Constantly, day by day, I encounter complications that arise from the inequality of being a woman. Everything costs more, but I have built a career in which I am the boss of absolutely all the pillars of my work and in the end no one tells me what to do. That is a source of pride for me. And there are many men whom I deeply admire who respect me, follow my guidelines and are guided by my intuition," she corroborates.

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