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How to organize an open space

Many people asked us to make the sessions longer in the future - we will keep that in mind! We were very happy that many of the attendees decided to continue their conversations outside of the event. Beyond the discussions of each group, this event was important to bring the community together in the same space, thus strengthening the connection of such a distributed group as the Spanish-speaking one. Therefore, we will do our best to make it happen again... also in other languages, so stay tuned for future events!

Open space office

Effective communication is crucial to lead, coordinate and collaborate successfully in a company, as well as to establish fruitful business relationships. In fact, it is the key to our effectiveness as managers. Discover how to use communication tools and techniques to convince and create unbreakable bonds of commitment through non-verbal communication, verbal persuasion, group communication dynamics and much more.

The Communicating Effectively and Persuasively program combines a series of lectures and practical classroom exercises, including voice education, nonverbal communication, oral presentations and speeches, videotaping and individual feedback.

Participants should consider purchasing travel cancellation insurance to cover the rare event of program cancellation or in case they are unable to attend for personal or professional reasons.

Managers must constantly negotiate. This course will help you become a creative and effective negotiator, able to close deals in which all parties feel satisfied and involved.

Iese focused

Planning a meeting in which several departments must participate and contribute their ideas is not an easy task. Even more so when you have to do it in an orderly manner and take into account everyone's opinion. One of the sectors that must ensure that this type of communication takes place effectively is human resources, and that is why methodologies such as Open Space become a fundamental tool to meet this objective. Do you want to know what it is? Keep on reading

The Open Space methodology has positioned itself as one of the challenges and trends in human capital management. Through this methodology, the aim is to generate a more collaborative and participative space, improve communication in the company, motivate its employees and generate more flexible work methods based on the achievement of objectives.

This methodology allows to organize the ideas of a central question. Participants sit in chairs arranged in a circle, then the open question is formulated and participants are invited to suggest topics to discuss related to it.

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