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How many influencers are there in the world

  1. Macro influencers
  2. How many influencers are there?
  3. Who is the most famous influencer in the world?
    1. Types of influencers according to followers
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Macro influencers

Valencian Noah Higón is a social phenomenon for her ability to raise awareness about rare diseases - Adrián Ferrer has created an association to support leukemia patients after suffering from it himself.

Making it clear that "there are no diseases but sick people", observing the day to day life of people who are going through the same as you can help the sick. Moreover, "giving visibility to different pathologies is crucial so as not to stigmatize those who suffer from them," he explains.

In any case, Tomás points out along the same lines as Ferrer that, depending on the emotional state and the stage of the disease of the person who consumes this content on social networks, "there may be cases of panic" due to seeing a less than encouraging outcome or delicate situations. Therefore, being a witness to the life of some of them requires caution and to be clear that "each case evolves in a different way". And of course, knowing that whenever you go through a disease process "you have to go hand in hand with the professionals: doctors and psychologists".

How many influencers are there?

In Spain there are already 1.56 million influencers, according to a study conducted by IAB Spain and Nielsen. This is 15% of all active digital influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube in Europe, where there are more than 10 million.

Who is the most famous influencer in the world?

The most followed TikTok users in the world

Khaby Lame, with 154.5 million followers, climbs from second to first place and unseats Charli D'Amelio (149.7 million), who had topped the list for several years and now occupies the second position. Bella Poarch (92.8 million) closes the podium.

Types of influencers according to followers

There are more than 4.5 billion users on social networks in the world (56% of the world's population, which is soon to say), and 50 million of them have managed to accumulate enough users to be considered influencers.

Influencers have influence over their audience's purchasing decision. It goes like this. When a creator collaborates with a brand and tells their audience about it, they are sharing some of their influence with the brand in question.

Engagement rate has a huge impact on reach. The higher it is, the more often sponsored posts will appear to an influencer's followers. This gives them a higher potential reach and therefore the cost per impression and engagement is much lower.

In most cases, you won't find competing content on a nano or micro-influencer's Instagram account. Most likely, your promoted post will be the first ad on their account.

On the other hand, nano and micro-influencers can be a great source of ambassadors for your brand. The group of nano and micro-influencers is growing faster than other groups of creators.


In this way, influencers advertise through their social media channels a product or service to their audience. It is understood, therefore, that their recommendations influence the purchasing decisions made by their followers.

In other words, those profiles that have a large community due to the popularity they enjoy in other media. For example, singers, actors and actresses or influential people in the political, economic and social scene.

First of all, you should conduct a research of your niche market. To do this, you should consider whether there is any figure, usually a professional, who is relevant within this sector and who also has some relevance in networks.

To do this, you must take into account what niche they are targeting, whether their publications are fully focused on it and what relationship they have with their followers. In other words, what is the engagement of your account.

Micro influencer

UGC or user-generated content has become a digital resource with the greatest influence on purchasing, however social media is one of the main components of influencer marketing. Social messaging is expected to become the trend that generates the greatest effect on marketing strategies, some of its perceived benefits include: increased exposure, increased traffic, development of a loyal follower base, lead generation and provision of market intelligence.

Influencer marketing has proven to be a valuable tool for marketers. Some of the main objectives include: improving brand advocacy, increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences and improving sales conversion. However, the options seem endless. The natural reaction tells us that the more audience an influencer has the better, but is that really the case?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to establishing the best candidate, in our previous post we have revealed you some keys to detect the best influencer for your brand. In this article we will show you the difference between macro and micro influencers so you will know at what point you can work with each of them.

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